You Are Not in Control Anymore.

In far too many companies large and small, marketing, as a practice, is unquestionably failing to have any material engagement with today’s ever-evolving and hyper-connected consumer. For the most part, consumers today don’t trust or even care about advertising, have almost no brand loyalty to speak of, and demand authenticity and transparency from almost every company they do business with. Yet, marketing teams continue to get further bogged down in unavailing channel-specific tactics and trendy technology that is often overpriced, under-utilized or a complete waste of time and money altogether.

The people you’re trying to market to… they control the conversation now.

And at MarketingMax, we help brands adapt to this new reality so they don’t disappear.

Our Approach

Today’s always-on environment requires marketers to be more than creative, inspiring or trendy. They must “be there” when they need to be there to have meaningful engagements with prospects and customers alike, regardless of the time, place, platform or device. These conversations must be on their terms, not yours. The days of disruptive advertising are over.

Marketing must be guided by customer wants and needs. It needs to include real-time data, analytics, and behavioral insights. It can be partially powered by intelligently automated technology but never in a state of constant implementation, and never so automated that marketers become lazy and audiences become annoyed.

Oh, and marketing must be fast. Very fast.

MarketingMax thrives where most companies, big ad agencies, and one-stop marketing shops falter: at the intersection of marketing, sales, and technology. We work with leaders, teams, and even external agencies to bring the entire organization into alignment and to win and retain customers in today’s very complex digital environment.

Our Process

1. Discovery & Strategy

Determining what’s being done well, and where gaps and opportunities exist to improve marketing’s return.

2. Audience Insights

Truly understanding customer wants, needs, behaviors, and expectations to inform more meaningful engagement.

3. Customer Experience

Ensuring exceptional prospect and customer experiences across every touchpoint, digital or otherwise.

4. Process & Governance

Ensuring the right people are doing the right things, in the right place, at the right time, and for the right reasons.

5. Marketing Technology

Evaluating operational and customer-facing systems to align technology and process across the organization.

6. Data & Analytics

Defining key performance indicators and monitoring, measuring, and reporting on what matters most.