About Us

MarketingMax was originally founded in 2006 by Michael Turner, who had just finished a ten-year run as a marketing and communications executive at a leading dot-com in the HR and recruitment industry. Back then, MarketingMax was a full-service marketing and advertising agency with a solid portfolio of large and small brands alike.

Eventually, Michael was recruited by the world’s largest marketing and communications services company, followed by a small creative shop looking to transform into a full-service digital agency. In both roles, Michael led marketing strategy for agency clients, ultimately realizing just how inefficient his clients were when it came to the operational side of both sales and marketing.

Michael found there was an incredible amount of siloed sales and marketing execution and experimentation happening within these organizations—across both internal and external agency teams—with very little alignment with the rest of the company. From poor campaign strategy and under-utilized technology to unclear roles and lack of accountability, Michael’s clients needed help.

Today, MarketingMax is tackling these inefficiencies head-on with Michael leading the charge alongside a small team of super-smart marketers, strategists, and technologists. The goal: to help companies optimize marketing operations and drastically improve marketing’s return. In fact, the MarketingMax team believes that the marketing department should be a profit center and are passionate about helping companies get there.